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Yearbook Surveys!

Hey King Tech students! We need help to find out more about you and your life as a King Tech student. All of the links below will lead you to a Google form. We will use the information and pictures we collect from these forms to fill the student life pages of your 2020-21 KTHS Yearbook. In each of the forms we ask for contact info and your full name. This is so we can properly identify you and contact you only if we have follow up questions.  


So if you have some free time and are looking for something fun to do, take some time to fill out these forms. Give us some insight into how you are doing, your cherished memories, and how you are coping with this new way of learning. If you have any questions, please contact us at We do ask for specific photos for each survey. We need photos for yearbook.

Tech Frustrations

Feel like venting? Let us be an outlet (pun intended). Let us know what tech frustrations you've experienced since learning from home.

Book Worm Showcase

Do you have a favorite book or book series? Share it with us!

Business Start-Ups

Do you have a side hustle? Promote yourself! Yearbook will help.

Lightbulb Moments

Any ah-ha moments, personal triumphs, goals met? Share them with us!

DIY - Room & Home Projects You’ve Done

We're spending more time at home, have you done anything to give your digs a new look?

Furry Friends or Scaly ones!

The pets page is a must for the yearbook! Share your best animal friend or friends :)

Laptop/PC Stickers

Working and studying from home has made our tech a daily need. How do you decorate yours?


What are you currently obsessed with? Is it a game, mobile app, TV show, book series, sport? What do you think about everyday at least once?

Quarantine Hairstyles

It's been rough at times to keep those 'dos fresh. No judgement here, but please share.

Sleep Patterns

Schedules have changed, distance learning has kept all of us home more. Are you sleeping more or less? What's changed?

Streaming Preference/ Binge Worthy Shows

Be a reviewer of shows! Share with others what's worthwhile to watch :)

Staying Connected with Friends & Family

Things are weird and different because of a world pandemic. How do you stay connected? Share ideas.

Student Art Projects from Home

Have you become more crafty or used art as an outlet? We want to see and highlight it in this year's yearbook. Please share.

The Great TP Dilemma

It's been a weird time but nothing weirder than The Great Toilet Paper Dilemma.  What items have you struggled to get your hands on because of Covid?

Underground Artists

Music is a great outlet. An underground artist is someone who is not played on mainstream radio. Share your favs. 

What do you miss most?

We live in a different world now, what do you miss most from the good 'ol days?

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